Server Deployment

The standard version of YIAMKiosk is a hardened CentOS 7 virtual appliance image with a pre-configured YIAMKiosk.


  • 2GB free RAM for the virtual machine
  • 20 GB of free disk space
  • A 64-bit kernel
  • Virtualization extensions

Download YIAMKiosk

Download YIAMKiosk Standard appliance as OVA for VMware ESX.

Import the appliance

VMware ESX

  • Connect via vSphere to your ESX server
  • Select “File” -> “Deploy OVF Template”.
  • Browse to the previously downloaded OVA file, and click “Next”.
  • Click “Import”.

Start the appliance

Click on the “Start” button and a virtual machine console will pop up. Wait until you see a login prompt that says ”YIAMKioskStandard login:”

At this point you can log in to the Virtual Machine using the following credentials:

Login: kiosk
Password: WedaConIAM

Next steps

Follow the server configuration guide to prepare the YIAMKiosk server for your network infrastructure.